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Gravure PVC heat shrink film ink(GC)

Gravure PVC heat shrink film ink(GC)

GC ink is suitable for printing with heat shrinkable PVC film. It is suitable for low speed to high speed gravure press. The ink has bright color, strong adhesion and excellent heat shrinkage. It has
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GC intaglio (Li seal) PVC heat shrinkable film ink

4、Printing viscosity

5、Matters needing attention

1、Product characteristics

2、Suitable substrates

3、Dilution ratio


1,Hard PVC heat shrinkable films
2, other printing substrates please consult our technical department.

Set according to the printing speed and plate depth

White ink(Zahn Cup 3/25℃) 16-22S

Color ink(Zahn Cup 3/25℃) 18-24S

PVC heat shrinkable film ink, with good heat shrinkability and small residual odor
Smooth ink layer, good adhesion fastness, hardly stick
Excellent print transfer, bright color and good gloss
Low-speed to high-speed printability

1、GC ink should be fully stirred before use. When lowering the ink concentration, instead of adding diluents only, a special
diluent should be added, to prevent reducing the overall performance of the ink, such as fluidity, gloss and transferability.

2、The formulated gold and silver ink dry slower than other inks. It is advised to further dry it, to prevent sticking and poor
adhesion. Gold and silver ink should be used up one-time. Aging may cause gelation.

3、When the PVC heat shrinkable film is printed quickly, it can generate a large amount of static electricity. Therefore, the
printing machine must have good static elimination facilities, to avoid network loss and fire hazards.

4、When used in printing plates with low ink consumption, the ink is in contact with moist air for a long time, which may
cause thickening, blocking, color reduction and so on. To prevent such phenomena, it is recommended to use slow-drying

5、Do not use this product with other types or grades of plastic inks, to avoid deterioration. The shelf life of this product is 12


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