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Gravure OPP/PE printing ink(BZ,BJ)

Gravure OPP/PE printing ink(BZ,BJ)

BZ, BJ type printing ink is suitable for printing at low speed and medium speed. It has good gloss, strong adhesion, sticky resistance and scratch resistance on printing substrates such as PE and PP.
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BZ, BJ intaglio printing ink technical index

3、Suitable substrates

4、Usage method

5、Dilution ratio

6、Matters needing attention


The above information is based on our existing knowledge and technology. The purpose is to provide the general description of our product and its due. Please test it strictly in accordance with the quality requirements before using this product. The performance of this product can not be regarded as a guarantee of applicability. We only guarantee the quality of our products under the general conditions and are in conformity with our supply. The technical indicators must be tested in the same testing method.


PE                   Degree of treatment over 38 dynes

OPP                Degree of treatment over 38 dynes

CPP                Degree of treatment over 38 dynes

It is suitable for gravure surface printing of (polyethylene) and (polypropylene) films.


Fineness:20≤num                                Scratch resistance:excellent

Viscosity:15“-30”(3#Zahn Cup)       Adhesion:good

Color:Approximate color scale        Wear resistance:excellent




Wipe off dust and dirt on the discharge outlet on the packaging barrel lid.
Stir and completely mix the ink with a wood rod before pouring out.
When the ink is used, corona treatment is required on the printing machine to reach certain level of dyne, in order to get
better adhesion.
The proportion of ink added to the diluent is as follow:

AInk: Diluent=1:0.3, excellent gloss and refractive index, good adhesion fastness100%, bright color, and moderate dryness.

AInk: Diluent=1:0.5, excellent gloss and refractive index, good adhesion fastness100%, bright color, and moderate dryness.

AInk: Diluent=1:0.8, excellent gloss and refractive index, good adhesion fastness80±%, bright color, and moderate dryness.

1、When machine is shutdown, the ink in the ink fountain should be poured back to the ink drum and sealed, in order toprevent volatilization of effective components in the oil, and mixing of moisture with other impurities in the air that mayaffect the quality.

2、The production site should be kept dry and ventilated, and the relative humidity should not exceed 75%. The optimalprinting temperature is 25°C-33°C.

3、The dilution amount of the ink when diluted is according to the printing speed. When the ink is over-diluted, after drying
the ink film will be thin, color will be lighter, scratch resistance and abrasion resistance will be reduced. When the lower the
concentration, equivalent diluting agent should be added (gold varnish).

4、When the ink is at a low temperature, it will be jelly-like. After heating it up with warm water, it will become normal and
can be used. Please do not heat it up with fire directly, in order to avoid fire accidents.

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